I have taken a variety of classes at UW within the Communications and Journalism schools, as well as in other fields of study. I currently hold a 3.509 cumulative grade-point average.

  • Survey of Contemporary Media
    • Critical analysis of television, film, radio, and digital media. Focused primarily on meanings, aesthetics, technology, media industries, representations and audiences.
  • Communication and Human Behavior
    • Concepts and processes relevant to communication and human behavior. Approaches to communication, the dynamics of face-to-face interaction and the functions of public communication.
  • Dynamics of Online Relationships
    • A 500 level seminar class examining how people form and portray identities online, manage personal relationships, and adapt to technology for social purposes.
    • Semester project – designing a research study with the potential to have the study conducted at a UW lab.
  • Introduction to Media Production
    • Hands-on experience in the planning, screenwriting, shooting and editing of films. Projects included a documentary and a short narrative film.
    • Edited using Adobe Premiere
  • Sports Media
    • Examination of sports media industry, texts, and audiences. Developing an understanding of sports media’s relationship to social, cultural, economic, and political structures.
  • Introduction to Film
    • Basic film analysis. Mandatory weekly film viewings, emphasis on describing and analyzing film style.
  • Mass Media in Multicultural America
    • Studied functions of print, film, electronic and digital media in multicultural America.
  • Introduction to Television
    • Focused on economic and regulatory structures, programming practices and audience.